The Sling Pitcher is the best pitching and training machine on the market today, AT ANY PRICE!!!

The Sling Pitcher is a manually operated pitching and training machine that is designed for softball or baseball. Weighing only 16 pounds, it is easily transported and stored. It sets up in less than a minute from a convenient carry bag, and can throw regulation baseballs and softballs to 70 & 50 mph, respectively. And the Sling Pitcher does not damage any ball.  The Sling Pitcher allows the operator to throw any pitch at any speed and in any location in the zone at any time, allowing the coach to work on a hitter’s weaknesses.  The Sling Pitcher works equally well with either baseballs or softballs, with no modification of equipment required. Much More Than Just A Pitching Machine. It takes only seconds to convert the Sling Pitcher from a pitching machine to an effective fly ball machine, simply by inserting the Fly Ball Arms that are included with every Sling Pitcher. The Sling Pitcher can throw regulation baseballs to well over 150 feet, and softballs to over 125 feet.

Featured Pitches of the Sling Pitcher The most effective pitch in youth baseball or softball is the Change-Up. It is thrown with the Sling Pitcher simply by reducing the pull on the ball and adjusting the release point. Breaking balls, risers and drops balls can be thrown by adjusting the ball in the pouch to produce various spins. However, the ability to vary the speed and location of every pitch, allowing coaches to teach players to recognize and adjust to these pitches, is what makes the Sling Pitcher the best pitching and training machine on the market. The Value of the Lightweight Practice Balls With the ability to throw the light weight perforated plastic balls accurately into the 80s, the Sling Pitcher is extremely effective for indoor use during inclement weather, or when practice space is limited, as when on the road at away games. It will also throw the foam or tennis balls. A coach can go through a whole team in 30 minutes, giving every player a great warm-up session. Teams even use the Sling Pitcher on the side lines during games or between innings to help players adjust to a faster pitcher. The Optional Sling Turret The Sling Turret is an optional swivel base that locks beneath the Sling Pitcher to provide instant rotation of the pitching machine to any part of the field. It is most effective when throwing fly balls to outfielders, allowing the operator to lead fielders or to switch to different field locations. The Optional Sling Guard Protective Shield The Sling Guard is a protective shield that works in conjunction with the Sling Pitcher pitching machine to protect the operator from returned balls. Built with a steel frame, heavy nylon reinforced vinyl and urethane window and flap door, the Guard is light weight, (25 pounds) and also breaks down into a convenient carry bag. It sets up in about 5 minutes. Catcher Training Tool/First Base Digs With the ability to simulate the wild pitch, the Sling Pitcher is an extremely effective tool for teaching catchers to move and block. Light weight balls can be used for younger or less confident catchers until they learn to trust their equipment. The same concept is used for teaching the scoop catch or first base digs. The Sling Pitcher is the Best Value on the Market The Sling Pitcher cost a fraction of powered machines that are far less effective and much less convenient to setup or transport. Seeing a team improvement in batting averages by as much as 50 to 100 points in not unusual. The Sling Pitcher can be ordered alone (Each Sling Pitcher comes with the Fly Ball Arms, an assortment of light weight practice balls, an extra set of elastics, an operation manual, and a carry bag) or as a combination package with the Sling Guard and/or the Sling Turret. Teams can own multiple Sling Pitchers for less than the cost of single power wheeled machine.

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The Sling Pitcher Guarantee

We are confident Sling Pitcher® Pitching Machines will improve your game and bring hours of fun. If you are not completely satisfied with the Sling Pitcher® Pitching Machine, return it for a money-back refund within 30 days of purchase.

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What Our Customers Say…

Thought I would drop you a line to let you know how the new Sling Pitcher and Turret are working out for my twin grandsons. Firstly, they absolutely love it. The set up is so fast and easy that they can do this by themselves.(they are 12 years old) Today we focused on catching fly balls. We did close to 300 repetitions. The change in that short time was remarkable. It was amazing how quickly the confidence levels improved. We even had a few over the shoulder basket catches. No fooling! Your invention is so much more than a pitching machine. We have set up a regimen of drills to improve certain skills. For example tomorrow we will focus on backhand ground balls. What is so great is we can duplicate the exact drill over and over. Confidence soars along with skill. Considering the modest skill level of most well intentioned coaches this invention has the potential to make practice fun and engage parents as well. I will keep in touch and keep you up to date on their progress.
Alan Smith, Calgary, Alberta
The Sling Pitcher is a remarkable tool in that it not only saves live arms from throwing too much, but is much more accurate. With its high consistency of locating in the strike zone, batters actually get more quality swings leading to more consistent contact. Only very expensive pitching machines can throw a variety of pitches and when they break down the cost to fix is high. The cost comparison with other machines isn’t even close. The ability to move and transport the Sling Pitcher is superior to anything on the market.
Coach Hank, High School Level Professional Pitching Coach, Boise, Idaho
I have coached baseball for many years, with my sons playing High School ball and beyond. I have used a Sling Pitcher since shortly after it came on the market, and believe it to be the most effective tool I have ever used for overall pitching and training. The Sling Pitcher, with the Turret and the Guard have been key tools in my coaching arsenal, and I can’t imagine coaching without them. They have been instrumental in developing my sons into quality high school players.
Coach Memo Fabela, Boise, Idaho
I purchased a sling pitcher and Turret last fall and would like to now purchase the Sling Guard and some replacement elastics. I would like to say that your invention is absolutely a must for any Fastpitch team that needs to give their girls a realistic look and adjustable speeds during batting practice. We have found it invaluable in working inside or out to give our hitters a realistic look at different speeds and types of pitches. We are able to throw fastballs, drops, change ups, screwballs, and curves with your machine and the best part about it is that you don’t need a 300lb machine and electricity.
Mark Claire, Platte City, Mo.
My son played in the 2012 LL World Series and now is in High School.  I have two boys, one a Jr in HS and the other from LL World Series in now a Soph.  Both have used the Sling pitcher for over a year and absolutely love it.  We have used it for pitching at high speed and for infield outfield practice.  The pitches are very accurate and save my arm, as I can pitch unlimited rounds with high velocity and accuracy to both my sons prior to their games and between practice sessions, working on weak spots to improve their rhythm and timing.  I would highly recommend this for any coach, parent, or player.
Andrew Paretti, Petaluma, CA
This machine was a God-send for our team. We went (from) not placing in (our previous) tournament with a team batting average of .241, to placing third (in the Texas Challenge Stage 2 in Houston, Tx, 40+ teams, April 2013,) with a team batting average of .389. (Used for one practice before the tournament and during the tournament before games). This machine (Sling Pitcher) was the difference!
Coach Vincent Jefferson, Houston Power 14U ASA Girls Fast Pitch Softball
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