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The Sling Pitcher is a remarkable tool in that it not only saves live arms from throwing too much, but is much more accurate. With its high consistency of locating in the strike zone, batters actually get more quality swings leading to more consistent contact.

Only very expensive pitching machines can throw a variety of pitches and when they break down the cost to fix is high. The cost comparison with other machines isn't even close. The ability to move and transport the Sling Pitcher is superior to anything on the market.
Coach Hank

Having used the Sling Pitcher for the past year, the results are more remarkable than I ever expected . This past summer my girls batting averages for 10 out of 12 girls were above .300 and 2 girls were averaging .284 (this was their first year playing). We were in two summer leagues and the girls placed first in both leagues going 13-1 and 7-1 respectively. They had a lot of fun since they were hitting the ball and running the bases. I would recommend the Sling Pitcher to anyone who asks. Thanks from my girls and myself.
Coach Longstreth, Battle Creek, Michigan

I love this sling pitcher. This is a great tool to help the younger kids hit the softball. It also helps them get over the fear of having a ball thrown at them about 40 mph, the accuracy is great so they get over that fear quickly. It is amazing that 9/10 year olds can pitch that fast but they do, some even faster.

Sling pitcher helps tremendously in coaching them on batting. First off you can control the ball better than a little girl pitcher which gives the batter time to learn how to hit a fast pitch with little fear of being hit with the ball. Once they get their confidence up, they just hit balls all over the place and that alone really boost confidence for the girls. After that is learned you really can fire them some pitches with little effort-hi/low-inside/outside then the learning starts. Great for fielding also-with the price of this tool verses the competition a team could buy two of Sling Pitcher for less. With two you really can work batting and fielding practice at the same time which would make for a power packed practice session. I know in today’s economy it will be hard for a team to buy two at once but if they could it definitely would be a good move.

Great tool, and many-many thanks from a very please Papa. It is a great thing you did by inventing this for baseball/softball. I think you have a winner.
Reece Harris, Jasper, Tennessee

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Free Sling Guard Offer – Instructions

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For a limited time, customers can get a Free Sling Guard with purchase of the Sling Pitcher Pitching Machine.
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