The Sling Pitcher softball and baseball pitching machine is the most versatile, affordable and easy to use baseball and softball pitching machine on the market. No other manual pitching machine can reach speeds up to 80 mph. Great for baseball teams, fast pitch softball and family fun!
Standard pitching machines are expensive, heavy, and require electricity. Who has an electrical outlet on the pitcher’s mound?

Assembly & Dis-assembly

Sling Pitcher sets up in less than 30 seconds, and weighs only 15 pounds.

Using The Sling Pitcher

These tips will help you to consistently hit the strike zone.

The operator sets up 30-45 feet from the home plate or batter position and takes a couple of test pitches to find the strike zone. Pitches are achieved by placing the ball in the leather pouch, pulling back and releasing the ball. The further back the pull, the faster the pitch. The pitching arms and sling help control the direction of the pitch. A backstop is recommended to collect missed balls. Sling Pitcher has been carefully engineered to throw accurate and consistent pitches. However, the operator can also control speed and general direction to create the feel of a real pitch every time. No other adjustments are needed to change a pitch as in other pitching machines.

The Sling Pitcher is powered by four elastic bands that can deliver a regulation baseball up to 70 mph, and a softball to 50 mph, with higher speeds available, based on the strength of the operator. Lighter plastic and foam practice balls can reach into the 80s. The Sling Pitcher is in the form of a portable bench with two upright posts, to which attach four heavy duty elastics that are attached to a pouch into which a ball is placed. The setup is similar to a sling shot, thus the name, Sling Pitcher.

Sling Guard Assembly

The operator and batter should wear protective gear such as batting helmet and protective glasses. We also recommend purchasing the Sling Pitcher Sling Guard to protect the operator from hit balls (SlingGuard is an accessory not included with the Sling Pitcher® pitching machines).

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