Bring The Batting Cage Home With Sling Pitcher

Bring The Batting Cage Home With Sling Pitcher

Many players sharpen up their baseball skills in a batting cage. Aspiring batters have to deal with the hassle of locating and commuting to parks where cages can be found and paid for. For some, the commute is well worth it. Pitching machines throw a relatively consistent pitch down the strike plate but also account for the variation found naturally in play. Different speeds and styles can be configured on the machines to train the batter for different on-field scenarios. A regular commute to the batting cage along with the cost of equipment rental and usage fees can add up quickly. Some practicing batters have brought the superior training capacity of the pitching machine into their own yards.

The Sling Pitcher makes it possible to have unlimited access to the training afforded by the pitching machine without making a trip to the cages. The Sling Pitcher is a fully portable pitching machine. This makes access to batting practice a limitless reality. The Sling Pitcher is a non-electrical device that requires no batteries for operation.

This groundbreaking manual pitching machine can throw baseballs at speeds as rapid as 80 miles per hour. The Sling Pitcher can also pitch softballs, plastic balls and foam balls. The full range of speed is adjustable and ranges between 15 and 80 miles per hour, Not only can the Sling Pitcher quickly build experience batting against fastballs, but it is highly adjustable for the erratic nature of live play. It can be set to imitate a number of realistic pitching scenarios.

This unit has some truly innovative design concepts. It creates a marriage between resilience and portability. The Polycarbonate/ ABS composite material makes the machine light and movable yet it has been load tested at weights similar to steel.

The best distance between the Sling Pitcher and the home plate is around 35 to 45 feet. At this range, after a few trial pitches, a consistent strike zone can be established. From their, optimal customization allows for a broad spectrum of real-life baseball simulations. The Sling Pitcher can throw fastballs, curve-balls, knuckle-balls and even pop-fly balls that can reach altitudes of 150 feet