Maximize Practice Time By Having The Right Tools

Maximize Practice Time By Having The Right Tools

It takes more than a new baseball bat to become a good hitter. It takes more than a new glove to become a great shortstop. Like everything else, it takes practice to become proficient at any sport or activity. Bats, balls and gloves are of course essential tools for baseball practice, but if you want to see a big improvements and results from practice time try using the Sling Pitcher.

The Sling Pitcher is a manually controlled pitching machine that is the perfect training tool for baseball and softball players of all skill levels. The concept is simple. Place a ball in the sling, pull back on the slingshot-like band, and launch that sphere at almost any angle you choose. Set it up like a pitching machine and you can pitch batting practice without wearing out your arm. Adjust the angle toward the ground and you can practice fielding ground balls. Tilt it up and send fly balls high into the air.

The Sling Pitcher maximizes the effectiveness of practice because it is accurate, fast, provides a variety of drills, and most of all, it is a fun way to practice and improve your skills! Y

Unlike automatic pitching machines, The Sling Pitcher is light, inexpensive, easy to re-position, and can effortlessly throw a fastball at close to 70 mph. Take the machine out to the pitcher’s mound and serve-up some fat meatballs that anyone can hit. Adjust your aim and paint the corners so every batter will have to focus on making solid contact with the ball.

Everyone who is on a team, coaches a team, or just likes batting and tossing a baseball or softball, will appreciate the many things the Sling Pitcher can do. If you want to know why Sling Pitcher it the perfect tool baseball and softball enthusiasts, check our our testimonials, watch our videos, and then give it a try for yourself!