Our Customers Say It Best!

(*UPDATED REVIEW FROM AL SMITH)  – Today both of our twin grandsons were playing in provincial championship tournaments. Each plays for a different team. They each had won a game and lost a game. They were playing in different cities about 1 hour apart. Both had really good games. In fact each won an MVP award for their play in today’s games. No fooling. I can say with certainty that their play had a great deal to do with the Sling Pitcher. We used the Sling Pitcher for fielding and fly balls as much as for batting. The growth in their confidence is what really stands out for me. The chance to repeat an identical drill produces amazing results and confidence!

Alan Smith, Calgary, Alberta

Thought I would drop you a line to let you know how the new Sling Pitcher and Turret are working out for my twin grandsons. Firstly, they absolutely love it. The set up is so fast and easy that they can do this by themselves.(they are 12 years old) Today we focused on catching fly balls. We did close to 300 repetitions. The change in that short time was remarkable. It was amazing how quickly the confidence levels improved. We even had a few over the shoulder basket catches. No fooling! Your invention is so much more than a pitching machine. We have set up a regimen of drills to improve certain skills. For example tomorrow we will focus on backhand ground balls. What is so great is we can duplicate the exact drill over and over. Confidence soars along with skill. Considering the modest skill level of most well intentioned coaches this invention has the potential to make practice fun and engage parents as well. I will keep in touch and keep you up to date on their progress.

Alan Smith, Calgary, Alberta

Best Coaching Tool.

I am a high school softball coach in Williamsburg Virginia. I purchased the Sling Pitcher about a year ago after seeing it online. This is the greatest coaching tool that I have in my inventory. It allows me to throw changeups, fastballs, rise balls, drop balls and when I position the ball just right in the sling, curve balls.

From 30-35 ft I use real leather balls (with a protective screen) and the speed is comparable to a player throwing 60. The closeness improves hip/hand speed and eyes. When we are facing players that throw harder I back up the Pitcher and use whiffle or tennis balls. They produce speeds above 65mph with movement. My players hated it at first, but by the end of the season they were more consistent with putting the ball in play.

I also use the Sling Pitcher for fielding practice, both outfield and infield. I had labrum shoulder surgery a few years ago and I can’t hit fungo consistently without pain. The Pitcher allows me to put the ball where I want it every time. I can make the ball tail off in either direction, short bloopers, line drives, grounders, it doesn’t matter. This thing does it all.

I recommend every coach should have one of these in there coaching inventory. It easier to carry than a pitching machine and more versatile. Oh, and it won’t break the $300 bat someone’s parent just purchased.

Coach T. Jones., Lafayette Lady Rams
Over the years, I have had much success and many of my former players have gone on to play college baseball.  The Sling Pitcher is a valuable tool. Not only can it be used for batting practice, but it is very adaptable and useful for defensive drills as well. I’ve used it at all age levels to help players hone their skills. EVERY Little League or youth coach should have one.
Coach Pete Dias. Four time coach of the year. Multiple championships and coaching experience from Little League through high school and American Legion Baseball., Middleton High School, Middleton, Idaho
We use two Sling Pitchers throughout our daily workout, one in our hitting stations and the other for defensive drills. For hitting, we use real softballs, perforated plastic balls, small balls, and softball size nerf balls. We use it for outfield and infield drills; fly balls, line drives, Texas leaguers, grounders, and over the shoulder catches. With the attachable Turret, we can hit to all areas of the field; left, right, shallow, and deep. In the infield using the Turret, we use it for grounders, line drives, in the gap drills, pop-ups, and communication drills for the infield/outfielders on shallow outfield fly balls. It is also perfect for catching blocking drills, shifting of the body drills, and excellent for pop-ups to the catcher.


We use both Sling Pitchers in the gym during inclement weather. This past season it rained quite a bit. With the use of two Sling Pitchers, it allows us to do a complete team BP, hitting (high speed) perforated plastic balls, in a very short time. The girls have really enjoyed the Sling Pitcher. Now in bad weather we can still do our full hitting drills without having to adjust and simulate drills.

The Sling Pitcher has been a tremendous asset to the softball program. We will continue to use it as a great teaching tool and as a pre-game hitting workout before games.

Coach Mauro R. Lerma, Hanna High School, Brownsville, Texas
Just wanted to thank you guys for your product. I should have bought one a long time ago. I’ve had a Sling Pitcher and Sling Turret base since February, and it’s been such a Godsend to help practice with my daughter. We can get in so much quality batting practice and fielding drills/fly ball drills in less time. It’s just so efficient and accurate. It’s wonderful to use at home with wiffle balls and foam balls (my daughter loves your branded foam balls) so there’s no danger of breaking mine and my neighbors’ windows. I think you have a great product and it’s definitely worth the investment. I’ve been spreading the word to anyone who will listen since we got it!
Jonathan Griswold
I have coached baseball for many years, with my sons playing High School ball and beyond. I have used a Sling Pitcher since shortly after it came on the market, and believe it to be the most effective tool I have ever used for overall pitching and training. The Sling Pitcher, with the Turret and the Guard have been key tools in my coaching arsenal, and I can’t imagine coaching without them. They have been instrumental in developing my sons into quality high school players.
Coach Memo Fabela, Boise, ID
We used those Sling Pitchers last night at open gym (Idaho winter practice). They are awesome!!! I also had the 10u summer kids come in that night. It’s perfect for those young ones. We are hoping we can get some sponsorship money for the Red Hots summer team, then we can get 1 or 2 more Slings! I gave the 12u Red Hots coach some flyers. I know he really liked the Sling Pitcher! Thanks again for helping us at Nampa High on getting us those Slings!!!!!
Jim Beebe, NHS Varsity Softball Head Coach
The Sling Pitcher is one of those products that really delivers and doesn’t disappoint. Our girls put up some impressive batting stats this past fall season. One player ended her season with a .652 batting average and .663 on-base percentage! This is impressive for ANY player, but she started the season with a .222 batting average – an increase of 430 points! The team’s final overall batting average was .541 and their on-base percentage was .620! Maybe the most impressive stat was the overall slugging percentage at .755! The team’s walk percentage was only .195 and was only to be outdone by their strikeout ratio at a measly .138! This product doesn’t just work for highly skilled players: our weakest batter enjoyed a .333 batting average and .500 on-base percentage! I wish I had the Sling Pitcher when we started years ago during town ball and our Williamsport runs – imagine where these players would be today!
Coach Mitch Alexander, 12U Island Fastpitch Fall 2013 Champions Dix Hills, NY
I purchased a sling pitcher and Turret last fall and would like to now purchase the Sling Guard and some replacement elastics. I would like to say that your invention is absolutely a must for any Fastpitch team that needs to give their girls a realistic look and adjustable speeds during batting practice. We have found it invaluable in working inside or out to give our hitters a realistic look at different speeds and types of pitches. We are able to throw fastballs, drops, change ups, screwballs, and curves with your machine and the best part about it is that you don’t need a 300lb machine and electricity.
Mark Claire, Platte City, Mo.
My son played in the 2012 LL World Series and now is in High School.  I have two boys, one a Jr in HS and the other from LL World Series in now a Soph.  Both have used the Sling pitcher for over a year and absolutely love it.  We have used it for pitching at high speed and for infield outfield practice.  The pitches are very accurate and save my arm, as I can pitch unlimited rounds with high velocity and accuracy to both my sons prior to their games and between practice sessions, working on weak spots to improve their rhythm and timing.  I would highly recommend this for any coach, parent, or player.
Andrew Paretti, Petaluma, CA.
I am the coach for a 6th grade recreational league called the Rockies. I purchased the Sling Pitcher at the end of last year. We were un-defeated in league play, but fell apart in the playoffs losing both our final matches. I realized that the main reason we had lost was because the boys were not getting adequate batting practice. I or some of the Dad’s would try pitching to the boys in practice, but we could not simulate what they would be facing in real game situations. We started using the Sling Pitcher this season and are 6 and 1 for the season with much better improvement in the batting season. With the Sling Pitcher, I can run a solid batting station with each player getting 2 bunts and 6 hits with consistent accuracy and good repetition. We will see how we do in the play offs this season, but so far I am very impressed in the improvement of our players batting. I truly believe, the Sling Pitcher is making the difference. I purchased both the turret, which is really nice to rotate around the field for either infield or outfield grounders, line drives and fly balls, and the Sling Guard which protects me during the batting practice. I have been very happy with all these products and now wouldn’t think of having a practice without these three pieces of equipment. I had a slight tear develop in the sling guard and reported it to the Sling Pitcher staff. There customer service was incredible and immediately sent me a new one along with some foam balls and a new set of rubbers (for my Sling Pitcher) for my inconvenience. I would recommend these products to any one who wants to see their team aggressively improve in hitting and fielding and have fun while doing it. Coach Joe
Coach Joe Raffa, Castle Rock Rockies
This machine was a God-send for our team. We went (from) not placing in (our previous) tournament with a team batting average of .241, to placing third (in the Texas Challenge Stage 2 in Houston, Tx, 40+ teams, April 2013,) with a team batting average of .389. (Used for one practice before the tournament and during the tournament before games). This machine (Sling Pitcher) was the difference!
Coach Vincent Jefferson, Houston Power 14U ASA Girls Fast Pitch Softball
We have used Sling Pitcher and whiffle balls, exclusively, for our pre-game warm-ups. Sling Pitcher provides a full speed frontal pitch at 50+ mph, verses front or side soft toss, or even hitting off a standard tee. (Shoots regulation balls as well.) We feel this gives us a tremendous advantage with pitch timing and game preparation. We also use the Sling Pitcher at practice for defensive situations, catcher drills, and outfield fly balls.
Chad Moffat, Idaho Sliders 14U ASSSA
The Sling Pitcher I purchased has provided our family with some very fun times. We took it to a family reunion this past summer and started playing with the little kids, some as young as 5 years, around noon and they couldn’t get enough. Throughout the afternoon all ages played and we finally stopped when it got too dark to see the balls! In addition to the fun, I see the Sling Pitcher activities helping our young ones develop baseball and life skills as we play together. Thanks for developing a remarkable machine!
Gary D. Case
Three years ago I purchased the Sling Pitcher. We needed an inexpensive pitching machine that could be used without electricity and be used safely indoors. The Sling Pitcher exceeded our expectations. I used to pitch batting practice to her but as she got older and needed faster pitching I could neither provide the speed, accuracy or stamina needed to give her proper practice. The Sling Pitcher allows us to practice her batting, varying speed and direction. We use it both outside and indoors during the winter. The product is solidly constructed and easily transported, another important consideration.


But it would be just a pitching machine if not for the results my daughter has gained from its use. Now she demonstrates superb ability at the plate, able to hit pitches throughout the strike zone and unaffected by changes in speed. This year she has been picked up by a team to play in the Western Canadian Fast Pitch Championships because of her batting. We know this would not have happened without her hard work and the practice provided by the Sling Pitcher.

We also use the Sling Pitcher to help my daughter, a catcher, with blocking practice. Again the ability to change direction and speed has been a key to her honing her skills in this area.

Darren Rud, Alberta, Canada
The Sling Pitcher is still my FAVORITE piece of baseball equipment. I love it. I initially bought one because of the wear and tear on my arm. I had some tendinitis and it was difficult throwing to my son. The Sling Pitcher not only allowed my arm to heal, but my son is hitting better than any 6 year-old around.


A big advantage with the Sling Pitcher for the younger kids 6-10 is that it simulates a pitch better than an adult during batting practice. A tall adult standing over 6 feet pitching to a little 7 year old has a release point much higher than another age level pitcher. The sling pitcher allows an even swing plane for the child, resulting in a better chance of making contact than if the ball was sinking down from a coach’s throw. The extension bars for fly balls are just perfect. My 6 year old (at the time he was 5) catches fly balls better than a lot of kids much older than he. There isn’t anyone his age who is even close to catching the way he does. He is just amazing.

Our season was a lot of fun last spring, and I plan on using the Sling Pitcher at every practice next year. It’s a great way to get my (team) parents involved since it’s so easy to use.

Doug Hanna,, Elk Grove, CA
We will be starting our 4th year with the Sling Pitcher. It has been invaluable to us. I prefer to use it in practice over the machine. The pitching machine helps groove the swing, but the pitches are also grooved. With the Sling Pitcher, I can vary every pitch, simulating what happens in a game. The girls love when we pull it out. Can’t say enough.
Fred Mayhew, Youngstown, Ohio
I have had my Sling Pitcher for a year now and love it!! I coach my sons Pony league team (9/10 yrs old), and the machine works great. Both for batting practice, and I especially love using the extension arms for pop flies. We made it all the way to the championship game last season and I firmly believe the machine was a big help in getting us there. Living in south Texas we use it year round. My sons and I love to have pop fly contests with it on the weekends. And anytime we bring it out we end up getting a dozen or more kids from around the neighborhood out to play along with us. It’s worth every penny just to get the kids out of the house and off of the X-BOX.
Chalan Derry, Portland, TX
Just wanted to let you know that we have received the Sling Pitcher and have loved every minute. We have not been able to use it yet without someone asking about where we got it etc. I have already seen marked improvement not only in my daughters hitting but even more in her fielding ability. The funny thing is that it has only been a couple of weeks. We practice just about every day and have used it almost every day in some capacity since receiving. It has already proven to be a very versatile and practical tool for every position on the field. I have to admit that I was quite skeptical but wow, what a bargain.
Bobby Leonard, Vero Beach, FL
I love it!!!!!! Your Sling Pitcher is the best thing out there. The coach of my boy’s team had me use it the rest of the season. There are just so many more hit-able pitches with the Sling Pitcher verses the coach pitching. The kids love to hit so the more balls they can get a hold of the happier they are. You have a wonderful product, well worth the investment. Thanks for letting me once more to be able to pitch to my boys.
Barry Pfeiffer, Phoenix, AZ
I love this sling pitcher. This is a great tool to help the younger kids hit the softball. It also helps them get over the fear of having a ball thrown at them about 40 mph, the accuracy is great so they get over that fear quickly. It is amazing that 9/10 year olds can pitch that fast but they do, some even faster.


Sling pitcher helps tremendously in coaching them on batting. First off you can control the ball better than a little girl pitcher which gives the batter time to learn how to hit a fast pitch with little fear of being hit with the ball. Once they get their confidence up, they just hit balls all over the place and that alone really boost confidence for the girls. After that is learned you really can fire them some pitches with little effort-hi/low-inside/outside then the learning starts. Great for fielding also-with the price of this tool verses the competition a team could buy two of Sling Pitcher for less. With two you really can work batting and fielding practice at the same time which would make for a power packed practice session. I know in today’s economy it will be hard for a team to buy two at once but if they could it definitely would be a good move.

Great tool, and many-many thanks from a very please Papa. It is a great thing you did by inventing this for baseball/softball. I think you have a winner.

Reece Harris, Jasper, TN
Having used the Sling Pitcher for the past year, the results are more remarkable than I ever expected . This past summer my girls batting averages for 10 out of 12 girls were above .300 and 2 girls were averaging .284 (this was their first year playing). We were in two summer leagues and the girls placed first in both leagues going 13-1 and 7-1 respectively. They had a lot of fun since they were hitting the ball and running the bases. I would recommend the Sling Pitcher to anyone who asks. Thanks from my girls and myself.
Coach Longstreth, Battle Creek, MI
The Sling Pitcher is a remarkable tool in that it not only saves live arms from throwing too much, but is much more accurate. With its high consistency of locating in the strike zone, batters actually get more quality swings leading to more consistent contact.


Only very expensive pitching machines can throw a variety of pitches and when they break down the cost to fix is high. The cost comparison with other machines isn’t even close. The ability to move and transport the Sling Pitcher is superior to anything on the market.

Coach Hank