Practice Tips For Little League Baseball

Practice Tips For Little League Baseball

If you are a coach for a little league team, then you obviously enjoy baseball as well as children. Although being a little league coach can be quite rewarding, it can also be very challenging. Here are some baseball practice tips which can make your position as a coach a lot easier and more enjoyable:

Practice Duration:
Adjust practice time according to age groups of the kids on your team. Young players can only retain so much, and excessive practice times can cause them the lose interest and focus.

Ask For Help:

There are usually always a parent or two who are willing to help out as assistant coaches. Maximize practice times by utilizing their help to break off into groups to run different drills. Many little league teams also assign a team “mom” to handle some of the administration tasks such as e-mail communication, refreshment assignments, fundraising activities, and so on.

Stick To A Routine But Still Have Fun:
Practices can become more efficient when players know where they are supposed to be and when. They can quickly transition to different drill stations without direction or explanation. Just don’t forget to break up the monotony every once in a while with some exercises that are just for fun. Don’t be afraid to mix things up by having players try different positions.

Focus On Fundamentals:
Great coaches always start with the perfecting the fundamentals. This is where our Sling Pitcher can really help out. It allows coaches to quickly and easily run many different types of drills that help players to master the fundamentals of baseball.

Be Patient & Focus On The Positive:
It’s not always easy being a coach, but it is important NOT to focus on the negative. Sure there will be times when discipline will be required, but even then, it can be done in a positive manner that will motivate the kids to give their best effort!