Training & Drills

Training/Practice Drills

The Sling Pitcher is the most complete and effective pitching and training machine on the market today, at ANY price. The following drills are commonly used by youth coaches at all levels. Some of these drills require only the standard Sling Pitcher, while others will use the Sling Guard or the Sling Turret.

Hitting Drills Using Light Weight Balls:

Foam, plastic, and tennis balls can be used on a field, in a batting cage, or in a gym during inclement weather. Multiple stations can be set up in a gym or on the field using perforated plastic balls, without fear of injury to players or facilities.
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Softball Pre-Game Warm-up
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Hitting Drills Using Regulation Balls:

Regulation balls can be used with the Sling Guard, either on the open field or in a batting cage. It is highly recommended that the Sling Guard be used any time regulation balls are pitched, especially to stronger hitters. It is also recommended that the operator, as well as the hitters use batting helmets. This is more critical for operators in a batting cage, since balls can come of the top of the net and strike an operator behind the Guard.


Hitting Sling Pitcher Verses Coach, Pitching ages 9 & 10 Baseball


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Hitting Drills, Softball Field Shots
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Ground Ball Drills:

The Sling Pitcher will throw effective line drive ground balls, more so than the chop ground balls. The use of the Sling Turret makes the drills much more effective.


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Infield Practice drills for softball
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First Base Digs:

This drill can be adjusted to the skill level of the player. Though the drill is most used for first basemen training, it is a good drill for all base positions for steal and pick-off moves.


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First Base Digs, Softball
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Infield Fly Balls:

Infield fly balls can be accurately placed to any part of the infield


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Infield Fly Balls w/ Softballs
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